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Cast: Vijayakanth, Simran, Ashima, Vijayan
Music: Ilayaraja


Ramana is produced by Ravichandran for the banner "Oscar Films".  Ramana has created a sensation amongst the people because of its very different storyline.

Ramana (Vijayakanth) is a College professor.  He has a happy family comprising of wife Simran and children.  He buys a new apartment building and moves into the new house.  But the apartment collapses in a short period of time, because of improper construction work.  In the accident, he loses his wife and daughter.

He then sets about questioning the authorities demanding an explanation for the damage caused to him.  But, he discovers that he would get no justice because all the departments of the Government are corrupted.  The people responsible for the bad  construction work remain unpunished. 

Ramana decides to reform the society. He forms a team with the name "Anti-Corruption Force" comprising of his students from all over Tamil Nadu and compiles a list of the most corrupt officials.  These officials are kidnapped and the one who is most corrupt is hung. In this way, the most corrupt official in each department gets killed.  Whether Ramana succeeds in reforming the society, freeing it off the evils of corruption or he fails and succumbs to the Law, forms the rest of the story.

Director A.R.Murugadas has woven the movie in an exciting style.  Some of the scenes have been narrated splendidly. The death certificate for a dead man is obtained from a Government hospital.  Then, the dead body is taken to a private hospital.  Ramana pleads to the hospital doctors to save the man (dead body).  The hospital staff admit the 'man' and keep him in the ICU acting as if attempts are made to save his life.  They also charge several lakhs for the patient.  Ramana then brings the true colour of these people to light by proving that the man was dead even before he was admitted to the hospital.  

Vijayakanth has given a completely different performance in "Ramana".  Simran plays a guest role as his wife who dies in the building collapse.  Ashima is a new face to Kollywood.  She plays the role of a girl who becomes close to Ramana's family.  She looks very beautiful and resembles Pooja Batra. It's not just her eyes that are beautiful, her expressions are wonderful too.  

Ilayaraja has composed two songs for the film.  'Vaanaville' is a melodious number and the background music is very effective too.