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Super Hero "Vikram", Andra Super Villan "Kota Srinivasa Rao", Comedy King "Vivek", "Delhi" Ganesh, Miss Chennai "Trisha", Ramesh Khanna in a New Tamil movie "Swamy". Music by "Minnale" Fame Harris Jayaraj and the movie directed by Hari.


Right now in Tamil Cinema the only hero who is having a Wonderful time is "VIKRAM". After being ignored in Tamil movie field For more than 10 years VIKRAM is back again and emerging as Second SUPER STAR. Of Late he is the only hero who is able to give any hit movies. His movies have a common Subject. "Nothing but Entertainment". After his Super Super Duper Hit movie "DHOOL" he went to a romantic Story line in "KADAL SADUGUDU" which was not up to his mark. He is back again with his famous
"Rowdy" getup in "SWAMY".

Entertainment is the Key for any Successful movie. The director has made sure that he starts with a famous "TAPAN KUTHU" song In Swamy too. The introduction scene was too good. VIKRAM wakes up and he washes his face with a KINGFISHER Beer Bottle and brushes His teeth with BEER. I am pretty sure that the College folks sitting out there in theatre would have filled the theatre with Whistle!!! Then he starts his Famous Dance with bunch of people. It was "O PODU O PODU" in GEMINI and was "KARA KOZAMBU" in DHOOL....

The Roller Coaster Introduction as rowdy turns upside down as he says that he Deputy Commissioner of the District of Tirunelveli And he has a Rowdy / Police. Its nice to see Vikram in Police Uniform. All these days it was Either SARATH or VIJAYA GANTH or "ARVA KOLARU" ARJUN. We had enough of them in Police Uniform, Typing something in a Computer that to typing something in a Mainframe Screen And advising us "TAMIL NADU POLICE NA ......!!!!! We cannot take anymore Crap!!! Coming to the movie VIKRAM Is a Sincere police and he gets introduced to "KOTA SREENIVASA RAO" who is a local dada. His Primary job is to make sure that People Of Two different castes Fight with each other and h makes sure that who is running the Government and who will become MLA etc. There are Lots and lots of people like this these days roaming here and there in TATA "SUMO" Jeep in Tamil Nadu. So guys if you see a TATA SUMO Van Be Really Careful or make fun of those guys who are roaming in TATA SUMO. They will be normally roaming with a "KADAR WHITE VESTI" and "KADAR WHITE JIBBA". They will have a CELL PHONE in Hand and for sure will not know ABCD also ... But they will be talking in ENGLISH And they will have 4 to 5 Ugly Looking guys with them always. Their normal diet is
Chicken Biryani and Aqua Distilled Water.

TRISHA who looks like a "MURUNGAKAYE" Gets introduced in a DAVANI who goes to College with "THYIR SADAM" And MANGO Pickle. There is "NO DIFFERENCE between the EXTRAS and the TRISHA. They all look the same. It seems that she is a Brahmin Girl who hates Rowdy / Fight/ Chicken / Mutton etc. I dont know why in Movies they show a Brahmin girl going to college always carry "THYIR SADAM" and "MANGA OORUKAY". Why cant she carry? Some SAMBAR or RASAM if Not Chicken or Mutton. I dont know how someone can eat that "THYIR SADAM" in Afternoon that too carrying all the way from House to college in that Small Carry bag. I think girls carry Hand bag Just to keep that Tiffin Box!!

The way Vikram and Trisha get introduced is one of the best sequences in the movie. Slowly Vikram develops a soft corner For her. I dont know how someone can fall in Love so soon. Then the movie turns into Clash between Kota Sreenivasa Rao And Vikram. The scenes those two meet are really too good. They have kept in mind that they are going to remake the movie in Telugu also. So the fight sequence, Dialogs are more towards the "HOT and SPICE" Telugu Dialogs!! Fortunately there was no "EMUNTURA ", "EKAD POTANUVA" dialogs in the movie. In the meantime the Love between Vikram and Trisha develops like anything. Now Vikram who does not eat any thing other than CHICKEN / MUTTON / BEER needs to go to THRISHA's house who eat only THYIR SADAM and ask her parents to marry him. After a small confusion after seeing Vikram's good heart they agree for the marriage. Chicken and Thyir Samdam mix together in this case. The mediator for this mixture is Vivek who is a 25th Century Guy who roams with A Huge FUNK and gives advice to everyone! From this point the movie turns from Soft Love Subject to Fight between Kota Sreenivasa Rao and Vikram. Vikram out of anger goes And destroys one or two Bars and Couple of Sports Bars of Kota and he gets mad. He then kills Vikram's dad Vijay Kumar who is Another Arva Kolaru. Then the movie ends as Vikram takes Revenge against the villains and at last succeeds in the fight and Gets a good name in his corrupted department. Trisha and Vikram live a happy life after that.


He was outstanding in this movie as he was in KASI. "KASI" was a turning point for a talented actor like him. He was outstanding in dialog delivery and in dance moments. These days the only Dream boy in kodambakkam is Vikram. All the girls are behind him although there are lots and lots of young actors in the market these days. TRISHA is a very very Ordinary looking girl. When she stands in the crowd its really hard for someone to make the difference between the heroines And the side artist. She is for sure a very ordinary looking female. For "TAMIL AUDIENCE" we need someone who is Really heavy like NAGMA, RAMBHA etc. Nothing can beat the Ever Charming Sweet Heart "SIMRAN". We miss those Girls and all these THRISHA, ISHA and all are good for nothing girls. They will last only for couple of movies and cannot last Longer like the girls mentioned above. I have mentioned in my previous Lesa Lesa review that she looks cute or some thing like that. I am Sorry!!! There is no difference between her and the Extras in many scenes.